Forage Production

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Why to be part of the XI International Congress of Silvopatoral Systems and I Congress of the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems?   The XI International Congress of Silvopastoral Systems and I Congress of the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems, XI CISSP - I CRGSSP, will allow you to be part of the discoveries, innovations and [...]


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List of current members s The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger (FAO, 2020). CIPAV is a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization founded in 1986 in Colombia, and since then it has worked together with rural producers in the development of sustainable agricultural production [...]

Interactions in SPS

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The soil provides nutrients for pastures and trees to grow, and then falling leaves return nutrients to the soil, protecting it from erosion when rain falls and keeping soil’s moisture. Pastures and fodder shrubs provide feed for animals, but at the same time contribute to improve soil fertility and plant growth.On the other hand, timber trees [...]

Intensive Silvopastoral System with Tithonia

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Tithonia diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family that is commonly known as the tree marigold,[2] Mexican tournesol, Mexican sunflower, Japanese sunflower or Nitobe chrysanthemum. It is native to eastern Mexico and Central America but has a nearly pantropical distribution as an introduced species.[1] Depending on the area they may be either [...]

Animal Welfare & SPS: the perfect marriage

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Several factors turned animal welfare into a public issue with growing interest for both academia and consumers: intensification of production systems, changes in feeding confined animals, the constant pursuit of economic efficiency. In the course of these developments, the conditions in which the animals live have often neglected their needs. These issues were addressed by different [...]

SPS Economic results

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After the initial investment and a stabilization period of 5-6 years, the increase in forage production and higher productivity per hectare generate returns that ensure the economic viability of SPS. Although SPS adoption implies an increase of costs, there is an increase of incomes due to a high productivity and production. Vestibulum sodales ante a purus [...]

Environment impacts on Silvopastoral Systems – A green solution

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One of the first visible results at SPS implementation has been on forage production (quantity and the quality). Measured in tonnes of dry matter per hectare, forage production has increased by an average of 700% (7 times) over the initial situation, and by the third year it had doubled from 3 to 6 Ton.DM/Ha. The quality [...]

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